6:00am – Wake up. I had a really hard time getting to sleep last night.

6:30am – 7:30 – Went on my 4mile walk. Today I listened to the Daily Audio Bible and SPI Podcast. It was while listening to the SPI podcast that I though it might be interested to start logging what I do everyday here. Isn’t that what a BLOG is for?

7:30 – 8:15 – Shower and run to the Dunkin’ Donuts for the the wife, as well as the post box and to cash a check at the ATM. I like it when clients pay.

8:20 – Grab to Iced tea and now sitting at my desk. Login to quickbooks and check on the finances before I start the day. I need to remind some clients they have overdue invoices. Will need to send those out later today.

8:30 – Checked on my FB ads. Huh only costing me .34 a click. That is pretty cool.

8:36 – Login to Basecamp to check out what I need to do today.  Client assign due dates to stuff but they really don’t know how long stuff takes so I will have to move some stuff around.

8:40 – Setup a maintenance client to be hosted on FlyWheel. I am really impressed with this hosting service.

Thought – Friday is a payday from one of my Clients. I wish it was for more money.

8:48 – 12 minutes before my first meeting a client Z. Before I get sucked into this black hole I will see if I can get a redirect plugin setup for WordPress Website Maintenance at Edison Avenue Consulting.

Thought – I really wish WordPress Plugin Developers would put thier plugin settings in an already defined menu on the admin side menu. With everyone wanting to be a main menu item it gets really cluttered!

9:00am – Awesome I got that redirection plugin install and setup https://www.edisonave.com/wphelp now gets redirected to https://www.edisonave.com/services/wordpress-website-maintenance/ this will be useful for promoting this service.  Just in time to start the meeting at client Z, who never starts meetings on time.

Thought – I haven’t made my written TODO list for the day. I will need to do that after this meeting.

9:41 – Now it is time to triage all my Support tickets at Client Z. This is always fun and a huge time suck. Time to kick on some spotify. I turned on the sun lamp because it is so dark outside. Cool Smashing Pumpkins have a new song out…..

10:05 – Grab a newspaper article for B. Copy and paste.

10:35 – Just took me 30 minutes to find the location of an online form I need to use to request a couple of new VMs.

10:44 – Time for a break….

12:52 – Back from break/lunch. Lets see what is going on a Client Z.

2:00pm – Bathroom break. Now more server stuff at client Z. One more hour for them today.

3:07pm – Done with client Z.  Bathroom break then to work on Website client.

3:14 – Lets look at the Remee website homepage I did last night and make sure it is ok to show the client.

4:38 – Lots of crazy phone calls this afternoon. My number must have fallen off the do not call list.

5:29 – Dealt with a lot of little piddly tasks for client DC. Need to get an estimate to them. Going to call it a day for now.

8:00pm  – Worked on a WordPress Website Maintenance client that was having issues with their site. It only happens on Android phones and only for one post.

10:30 – Worked all I can today time to go to bed.

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